Tournament Details
Tournament and Payment Details

Tournament : C Division & OPEN Division

8U - $150

10U - HS  $250

Gold and Silver Bracket 10+ teams per division

Schedules will be out Wednesday afternoon 

4GG Double Elimination USA Rules / Age Chart (2023) Jan1-Dec 31st

Pool - 60 Min F/B   Bracket 70 F/I

$40/$45 PAP 




If an age group is full your team will go on a waiting list. If another team drops out your team will be contacted and then added to the tournament.

Pay: Zelle- [email protected] 

Venmo Rob Albero@Rob-Albero  

Cash App $RobAlbero

Payment Deadline is the Sunday before the weekend of the tournament. This will be enforced moving forward



C DIVISION ONLY: If a team protests and we find that this player is from an A level team or too old, your games will become a forfeit and your team will be removed from the tournament. We want to make these an even playing field for all teams. 


Length of game:

60 min pool/ Finish the batter

6 runs per half

75 Bracket finish the inning and must have a winner

8 runs per half

Pool games can end in a tie, bracket we must have a winner!!

Flip for home in pool games

Higher seed is home in all bracket games


1) Record 2) Head to Head 3) Runs Allowed 4) Runs Scored

BATTING   - Take line-ups from the coaches during Pool Play - in case of batting out of order

Pool play- Teams are able to bat entire line up. Last completed at bat for courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher.

Bracket Play:

Bat straight 9

Bat 9 using DP and Flex 

Bat 10 or 11 with 1 or 2 EP/EH (batting 11)

Subs 1st.  If no subs then last completed at bat for courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher.


Big Bang will provide softballs until they run out. After, every team will provide their own softballs.

HR Balls $5 or replace with new ball.

They don't have to be brand new. They must be leather and in good shape. If any questions about game ball please ask TD or UIC 


Penalties for Coach or Parent getting ejected: Coach and parent must leave the field of play for that game and subsequent game. 

Drugs / Alcohol / Tobacco / Vaping 

Not allowed at all.  

Tobacco of any kind is prohibited.  

Age Rules:  

January 1- Dec 31 

Extra Innings : Progressive ITB 

Teams will start with runner on 2nd & 3rd 3-2 count to all batters 2 Outs  Each batter that comes to the plate will have the same count. 2nd teams will start with bases loaded 3-2 count 2 Outs


All teams must turn in a roster before the first game. If a roster is not turned in and a team protest you about a player or players. Since no roster was turned in you team will be disqualified from the tournament. 

Mercy Rule:

10/8/6 After 3/4/5

Birth Certificates:

Coaches, its your responsibility to have them handy in case one of your players gets protested.  If you don't have it to show during a protest you will forfeit.  

Protest Fee:

Protest fee is $100 Protesting coach must let tournament director which player he or she is protesting.  If its more than one player its an additional $100 and $100 for every player you want to protest.  This rule is set for teams that suspect but aren't sure.  Some kids are big but it doesn't mean they're too old. My suggestion is to be absolutely sure if you're protesting a player. 

If protesting coach wins his protest he gets his money back and wins the game.  Protest must be made before the game is over.

Rain out Policy:

Zero games played, 100% registration fee refund.

1 game played, 50% registration fee refund.

2 games played, NO REFUND.

*If 2nd game has been started and gets canceled due to rain, no refund. 

Champions wll be the highest 2 seeds coming out of pool play

19 Teams Participating for Frozen Bases

Team Name Points Payment Status Age Group Action
Lady Rangers-Solis 270 Paid 16U View Roster
Athletics Mercado Waxahachie 16U 80 Pending 16U View Roster
Gems2K10-Stewart 180 Paid 14U View Roster
Crusaders 16U 80 Paid 16U View Roster
Crusaders Farmer 130 Paid 14U View Roster
Karma 60 Paid 14U View Roster
Diamond Dozen 210 Paid 16U View Roster
NTX OUTLAWS 18U 60 Paid 18U View Roster
NTX OUTLAWS 14U 220 Paid 14U View Roster
Lady Cats - Hill 140 Paid 14U View Roster
Excel Elite Manjarrez 130 Paid 14U View Roster
MVP 16U 200 Paid 16U View Roster
NTX Finest 110 Paid 16U View Roster
American Freedom NTX 08 70 Pending 16U View Roster
14U Marucci Patriots 60 Paid 14U View Roster
NTX Ruthless Elite 230 Pending 18U View Roster
Texas Shine 60 Paid 12U View Roster
Grand Slam Fastpitch 16/18 70 Paid 18U View Roster
Tournament Details
Age: 14U, 16U, 18U
Cost: $250
Start Date: 12/09/23
End Date: 12/10/23
Sign Up Deadline: 12/02/23
Format: 2 Pool Double Elimination View Tournament Schedule
Valley Ridge Park / Jennifer Mcfalls
2850 Park Ridge Dr
Grand Prairie / Dallas, TX
Hosted By
Robert Albero
Phone: 2146944915
Cell: 2146944915
Email: [email protected]